Pet Salon Services in Herkimer, New York

Pet washing — pet grooming in Herkimer, NY
Olivia's Happy Tails has everything that your pet is missing. Whether Fluffy, your guinea pig, needs a bath and brush or Rover, your Great Dane, needs his ears cleaned, we can help! If your dog's claws seem to always get caught on your carpet no matter how short you cut them, our special nail dremeling service will put an end to that!
Some of the many services we offer are:
Doggy Facials
Face Trims & Touchups
Coat Grooming & Brushing
Fur Trimming
Comb Outs
All-Natural Shampoos
Nail Trimming
Nail Dremeling
Nail Painting
Pet-safe Hair Coloring
Ear Cleaning
Flea Treatment
Gland Expression
Our Shop

If we don't have it, we can order it for you!

On top of having the best pet salon in the area, Olivia's Happy Tails also has a shop for all of your pet's needs and wants! Check out some of our products:
  • Tshirts
  • Leashes
  • Collars
  • Cow Hooves
  • Elk Antlers
  • Deer Antlers
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Tug Toys
  • Doggy Poop Bags
  • Medicated Body Powders
  • All-Natural Shampoos
  • Pet Perfumes
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Dog Scarves
  • Bowties & Neckties
  • Homemade Bandanas
  • Winter & Fall Jackets for Dogs